Member Tip: Posting Your Coupons


In the slow months of the summer, you’re probably asking yourself “how can I support our local small businesses in Sarasota?” The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce is partnering up with Sarasota County to promote our local businesses.

What we are encouraging you to do:

As a Chamber Member, you have the opportunity to post coupons and discounts to your business through our website. We have now partnered with Sarasota County to promote our Member Coupons/Discounts this to their 3,500+ employees! This is a great opportunity to gain exposure, reward your most loyal customers, and build up a consistent customer base by offering exclusive discounts on The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Don’t have a discount to offer? That’s okay, you can still be a part of this program by searching the discounts and utilizing Chamber members for products and services. Buy Local, Buy Chamber.

You can add coupons here!

Here are directions on how to Add a Coupon:

coupon 1

  • Type in your Username & Password to access the Members Only section and click LOGIN

coupon 2

  • On the Member Portal Home, select ADD A COUPON on the top right in the blue box

coupon 3

  • When on the ADD A COUPON page, select NEW COUPON in the bright blue box

coupon 4

  • After you select NEW COUPON, this form will appear. Fill out the information for your coupon and hit SAVE. (Note: You have two options for the Coupon Type.  You can select GENERAL, which allows anyone who visits the Chamber Website to access it or you can select MEMBER TO MEMBER COUPON, which is designated for Chamber Members only and requires you to be logged in to see. General Coupons are best to get the most exposure of your brand)

coupon 5

  • Once you hit SAVE, your coupon is live on the Chamber Website. You can always edit your coupon or delete it if need be. Otherwise, the coupon will disappear from the Chamber Website once the expiration date you set is up or if your membership is inactive

coupon 6

To see your Coupon and others, you can access it 3 different ways (Note: The Coupon will also appear on your directory listing in the Member Directory as well):

  • Select VIEW COUPONS AND DISCOUNTS on the Members Only portal when you hit ADD A COUPON

coupon 7

  • Select BUSINESS DIRECTORY on the top tabs and once you’re there, select COUPONS AND DISCOUNTS

coupon 8

  • Select MEMBERSHIP on the top tabs and from the drop down, go to MEMBER BENEFITS and then MEMBER2MEMBER DISCOUNTS

coupon 9

  • If you access the COUPONS AND DISCOUNTS page at any point, you will see the different ones listed by General and by Member To Member (if logged-in).  Simply click on the “Title” of the Coupon to see more details and directions!

coupon 10

coupon 11

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