Council Spotlight: City Priorities Council

2013-Chamber- Cityprioritiescouncil-Hz

City Priorities Council Members go Above and Beyond!

The City Priorities Council (CPC) focuses on strategic economic development planning and partnerships that benefit the continuing revitalization of the City of Sarasota.  The CPC, currently chaired by Lee DeLieto, Jr., has over 40 members and meets on a monthly basis discussing a variety of issues like Bayfront 20:20, form based code and the pedestrian sleeve.

But what really makes the CPC incredible is the dedication and involvement of the members who use their free time and expertise to remain active in The Chamber as well as City matters. The CPC recently began publicly noticing meetings because so many members serve on various City of Sarasota advisory boards.  These boards encompass critical areas including downtown improvement, affordable housing, planning and parking.  Our members are not only involved in Chamber activities, but provide a crucial link to the local government. They act to bring information back to the CPC, to better education and inform decisions, as well as providing a business point of view to governmental decision makers.

Chris GallagherChris Gallagher, a past-chair of The Chamber a well as the CPC, has served on City and County advisory boards for 20 years.  Chris, a partner at HOYT Architects, currently serves on numerous advisory boards including the Planning Board and the Affordable Housing Committee. “Like most people in this great community of ours, I want to protect, preserve, and enhance the things that make this place so special. As Chamber members we know that protecting, preserving, and enhancing quality of life happens most powerfully in communities with robust economies.”  Chris feels it is essential that Chamber members get involved in serving on advisory boards because “they are actively involved in the daily economic life of the community and it is critical that they are a part of the conversations at the advisory board level.”

pat gannonPatrick Gannon, another CPC member, serves on the City Planning Board and the Downtown Improvement District Expansion Adhoc Committee.  Patrick also serves as President of the Downtown Sarasota Condo Association and can generally be seen at almost every city public meeting.  He remains an active member of the CPC because it “is a great way to stay abreast of what is happening in the business community as well as the local residential neighborhoods, and to understand how the needs of these groups are affected by government decisions.”

City Priority Members include: Peter Abbott, Charlie Bailey, Stefan Baron, Roger Barry, Alan Bennett, John Compton, Howard Davis, Lee DeLieto, Jr., Any Dorr, Shawn Dressler, Sean Duade, Brad Ellis, Bill English, Ethan Frizzell, Chris Gallagher, Patrick Gannon, Susan Goldstein, Norm Gollub, Michael Halflants, Eleana Hall, Greg Hall, Eileen Hampshire, Jedd Heap, Courtney Hudak, David Hutchinson, Nancy Kelly, Ronda Kitchens, Diane Lawson, Anthony Manganiello, Ronald McCollough, Richael Parisi, Michael Perkinson, Steve Queior, Ernie Ritz, Tish Scott, Tony Souza, Martin Taffel, Herb Waltzer, Renada Washington, and Robert Young.

We appreciate all of our CPC members who go above and beyond to give their time and expertise to both The Chamber and the local community.  Because of members like this, we all win!

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