Your Investment at Work – Sarasota Tomorrow Focuses on Current & Future Initiatives

Series Header ST Next Business ClimateYour Investment at Work

To look back at the progress of Sarasota Tomorrow initiatives in 2015, past four issues of this Sarasota Tomorrow Insider electronic newsletter have been distributed to all Chamber members.  Each issue focused on the major strategic components of Sarasota Tomorrow:  Targeted Development, Education & Workforce Development, Improving Our Business Climate and Building on Past Sarasota Tomorrow Successes. This issue looks ahead at the current and future initiatives Sarasota Tomorrow is working on to secure a more prosperous future.

Looking Ahead at Current & Future Initiatives 


Business Climate and Infrastructure

Build a positive climate for Sarasota employers and the jobs they create; as well as promote an infrastructure system that will support a growing and prosperous community. 


* Continue our focus and involvement in the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan process to build a strong community-wide manual for development; one that supports community sustainability and business/economic development

* Support long-term financial solutions for area transportation issues including alternative methods of travel to meet expected demands and to allow workers, customers, and visitors optimal mobility.

* Advocate for a positive business agenda to encourage business creation, relocation, growth and sustainability throughout Sarasota County and the region.


Targeted Development 

Advocate for strategic, targeted development that accelerates economic growth, revitalization and attainable housing that will increase the community’s overall economic strength.


* Provide business oriented participation in developing attainable housing solutions for the current and future workforce and help employers attract and retain a workforce that can grow with the region’s needs.

* Create economic development opportunities that allow for increased tourist capacity, business growth and diverse employment foundations in downtown and other key areas.

* Target enhancements to two of the county’s key corridors, US 301 and US 41, through planned improvements to create vibrant connectors of regional activity.


Education and Workforce Development 

Work to secure a strong workforce by making sure a variety of educational and training pathways are available to our youth and other residents, allowing greater Sarasota to compete and prosper in the ever-changing economy.


* Expand Talent4Tomorrow’s programs that focus on workforce preparedness through training partnerships and opportunities, as well as the expansion of college internships.

* Collaborate with community partners to broaden awareness of and accessibility to educational and financial pathways to higher education, including college and job and skills certification programs.

* Advocate for programs and initiatives that bridge the gap between high school and post-secondary education.


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