Your Investment at Work Series – Business Climate

To look back at the progress of Sarasota Tomorrow initiatives in 2015, four issues of this Sarasota Tomorrow Insider electronic newsletter will be distributed to all Chamber members over upcoming weeks.  Each issue will focus on the major strategic components of Sarasota Tomorrow:  Targeted Development, Education & Workforce Development, Improving Our Business Climate (high-lighted in this issue) and Building on Past Sarasota Tomorrow Successes.

Business Climate

WebBuilding a more positive climate for employers and the jobs they create

2050 revisionsWorking to ensure strong investment and quality growth east of I-75 through the Sarasota 2050 Plan ( east county growth plan):
Represented the business community in meetings with County staff, the Planning Commission and the County Commission, ensuring the voice of business was included in the county’s long-term vision.
 *Supported the fiscal neutrality of new developments in the eastern portion of Sarasota County, which will allow good projects to be financed ensuring the development pays its fair share of infrastructure.
* Advocated for a flexible approach to the plan while maintaining Sarasota’s longstanding environmental stewardship.

professionals working together

Advocating practical revisions to make the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan more workable (county-wide plan that guides physical development in Sarasota County):
* Participated in the process to update the Plan in areas such as land use, design and quality of life, allowing for a voice for business in critical areas affecting Sarasota County.
* Involvement through member surveys and advocacy in the economic development parts of the Plan, allowing for critical insight from a business point of view.
in the press
Providing relevant information to the business community:

* Regularly discussed topics ranging from reducing commercial lease taxes to voter turnout.

*Engaged elected officials and public employees in a variety of business related issues, resulting in many Chamber suggestions being taken into consideration.

*Worked with area organizations and groups on Sarasota County issues including workforce housing, transportation and enhancement of the bayfront.

SRQ Daily

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