Introducing Your New Job Bank

We are excited to announce an additional online benefit to you as a member of The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. Site visitors view our website as a source of reliable visitor, relocation and employment information, making it a prime location for an online job bank. You asked for it, and we delivered. The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce job bank is now open as a new member benefit.handshakeFor Members
Whether you’re seeking to fill an internship, part-time or full-time position, the job bank is provided to you as a resource to combat your hiring obstacles and grow your business. At no additional charge to your membership, you can post your open job positions or search the resumes posted by job seekers. Simply visit the job bank and log in using your company username and password to complete the online form. The form fields include the position type, job start date, description of duties and more. Once your job is approved, it will be displayed on the page source and categorized by industry. For assistance in posting your job, contact

For Job Seekers
Job searching is a daunting task. Search for local jobs with the assurance of credibility from Chamber members using our online job bank. You can search all posted jobs in the bank or submit your resume. Search job listings by industry, company name, job title or position type. Anyone can visit the site to search available positions.

job bankWith continued use, the job bank will grow into a database that site visitors and job seekers will use for years to come. Striving to promote jobs directly in the Greater Sarasota area, we hope that the job bank will bring great benefit to not only our members but our community. For more information about the job bank, contact

Visit our job bank at

Interested in Greater Sarasota Chamber membership? Visit our website for more information or call (941) 955-8187.

One thought on “Introducing Your New Job Bank

  1. This is FABULOUS. I am resending this to two fellow Chamber Members just to make sure they too see this. We were just conversing about this very same employment issue.
    Thank you.


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